Immersive Technology : Creative, Strategy & Production

Tyler Pridgen



I work with

artists, film productions, directors, studios, galleries, Corporate, & museums




The first step to any successful virtual reality project is to identify an approach. What technology do we have access to? Will this be an installation? Are we focusing on festival submissions? Will the experience live on Steam? How many people do we want to get through in an hour?  I challenge clients to consider all possibilities and make decisive plans for long-term project goals.  


Immersive technology projects create a wealth of amazing marketing assets. From delightful videos of users enjoying the experience to beautiful 3D renderings and 360° recordings of virtual reality scenes, no project should go undocumented. These assets will become key for getting more people interested in your experience, and more publications writing about the work. Plus, it will create consistent content for your social channels. 


Access to and understanding of established partners and emerging talent is essential to building and managing the proper VR project team.  Once all the pieces are in place, I work intimately with clients and studios to manage budgets and ensure that all my projects are completed on schedule with ample time for user testing and bug fixes.


Getting headsets onto heads is the name of the game in VR, but most experiences have the potential to live in many different forms on many different platforms. With such a multi-faceted industry, it is essential to know the challenges and benefits of different forms of distribution. For example: Which applications do older users find most intuitive? What is the expected maintenance of a long-term installation?