Fab x The Future of New Media

Fab.com reached out to me searching for a way to incorporate virtual reality into an upcoming event.  The evening already included art installations, and an impressive panel of digital arts innovators such as New Museum Curator Lindsay Howard and Wired Design and Technology Editor Liz Stinson, but between panels, Fab wanted something new and engaging to capture the attention of attendees. 

My solution was to set up a simple virtual reality viewing booth, complete with a Tilt Brush demonstration on HTC Vive, and examples of mobile VR using the Gear VR headset, and the Zeiss VR One – which I found unimpressive, but is a featured product on Fab.com, and helped my contact cement a bit of funding for the full set-up. 


For content, I decided to bring in a couple long-time friends and collaborators who had recently merged companies to form a new collective, called The Endless – really great name, I think. The Endless had a nice collection of mobile and room-scale projects under their belt, and I thought the event would be perfect for them to semi-officially announce their new merger (and expense a cool banner for future events).  We decided on showcasing their very impressive, Hubble Cantata – an exploration of space and music – on Gear VR.  Then we set up Tilt Brush as a room-scale experience, because it’s such a crowd pleaser, and the creative tool element fit nicely with the theme of the larger Fab.com event – digital innovation. 

Overall, the event was a huge success, and the VR space brought a whole new dimension to the evening.  VR is, in many ways, a performance in itself – people enjoy watching others immersed in VR almost as much as they enjoy putting the headset on their own heads.  So if you want to shake up the pace and flow of an evening, engage your attendees, and support local VR creators – set up some VR.  

Tyler Pridgen